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Debbie has known both our dogs since we've had them and has looked after them on several occasions. Sasha is our new girl and she was a rescue so we didn't know how she was going to behave being left but Debbie went out of her way to make her as comfortable as possible, while being safe and secure, and she achieved it. Beau and Sasha have a lovely time staying with “Auntie Debbie” and really aren't that interested in coming home at the end of their stays!

Debbie has a lifetime's experience with dogs and we would have no hesitation in asking her to walk them and/or care for them (or our cats!!).

Charlotte and Roger, Bishop's Stortford: Owners of Beau & Sasha

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Is that Debbie Hibbert over there? Let's go for another stay!

Our two love being looked after by Debbie. It's as much of a holiday for them as it is for us. We couldn't imagine a better carer for Lummy and Nora.

Olly & Corrinne, Shudy Camps: Owners of Lummy & Nora

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Debs has been a life long friend to our dogs, Jake bless him, was a vibrant, energetic 'yob' when Debs first looked after him whilst we went away on holiday 13 years ago, come the end of the holiday we don't know who was more tired Debs or the dog, but he had the most wonderful time and really didn't want to come home and from then on, he had always been in Debs care whenever we needed someone to look after him, right up until the day we said goodbye to him this year. As for my current four legged companions, well they love going to 'Auntie Debs' for their holiday and even more so when 'Auntie Debs' stays in our house. We know that they are treated as part of the family and that they will be cared for as if they are Debs own.

We would thoroughly recommend Debs to anyone who is looking for 'that extra pair of hands & feet' for their four legged companions, be it for holidays or daily walks, you know you can trust Debs to look after them.

Rod, Jules, Emma, Tinker & Blue

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I have known Deborah Hibbert for approximately 17 years, she has been a work colleague and a very good family friend in that time.

She has played a big part in my life and been a support to me over the years. Prior to me having children, I had two Westhighland White Terriers, Archie & Jasper, who adored her. Now that I have my two small children and sadly only Jasper now, they also love to spend time with her.

Deborah is well respected and loved by all that know her. She is caring and would do anything to help anyone and puts other people before herself.

She is dedicated in all that she does and I wish her well in whatever she chooses to do.

Debbie Davies: Owner of Archie & Jasper

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